Diving with Aquamarinas

Almost all dives at Cozumel are drift-dives with currents which are that change according to the diving site and season more or less strongly and can also change during the dive. The boat follows the divers, so that one can drift with the current. Shortly before the end of the dive a safety buoy is set and a safety stop on 5 ms (15 ft) is executed. 2 dives per trip are done between which a surface intervall of 90 minutes is made. During this time the divers are provided with snacks, fresh fruits etc that is contained in the diving price.

The dive groups are kept small (depending on the level of certification up to max. 6 divers per group and guide) and the duration of the dive depends on the air consumption of the most air consuming diver in the group.

Aquamarinas doesn't have own boats but contracts with different boatowners. In this way Aquamarinas can offer boats of different size and comfort. Following there are the two boats listed, with which Aquamarinas mainly undertakes the dive trips.

Boot Dives


Licensed for max. 16 divers plus 2 Crewmembers.
The Deep Exposure is a very comfortable, fast dive boat with WC and freshwater shower, which offers also shelter in bad weather. The catering on this boat is richer than on the small speedboats. Furtheron towels are provided.
The departure takes place at the pier in San Miguel. Guests, living southwards of the city, can be picked up at the pier of their hotel.


Licensed for max. 6 divers plus 2 Crewmembers.
The Colomba is a fast, small dive boat. The provided food during the surface interval consists of fruits and crackers. Towels are not provided.
The departure takes place in the harbour Caleta, ca. 4 km southwards of San Miguel. The guests have to get to this place by themselves, with a taxi or a rental car or scooter. Guests, living southwards of the harbour Caleta, can be picked up at the pier of their hotel.

two tanks $119
three tanks $150
nightdive $95
snorkeling $50
non divers $40
Nitrox (per tank) +$12
two tanks $119
three tanks $150
nightdive $95
snorkeling $50
non divers $40
Nitrox (per tank) +$12

In the prices for the dive trips are included: Catering during the surface interval, drinking water, entrance fee into the National Marine Parc, Guide and of course tanks and weights.

Bubblemaker $90
Discover Scuba $90
Dicover Scuba Diving $95
Resort Course $150
Refresher Course $85
Scuba Diver $300
Referal PADI $340
PADI Open Water Diver $500
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver $400
Padi Rescue Diver $500
Emergency First Response $250
Divemaster $1350
PADI Nitrox $250
Tec Diving please ask us

equipment rental
mask $6
fins $6
BCD $11
regulator $11
dive computer $15
dive suit $11
dive light $8
complete equipment (without computer) $27
complete equipment (with computer) $40

Note 1: In the prices for Bubblemaker, Discover Scuba, Discover Scuba Diving, Resort Kurs, Scuba Diver, Referal PADI and PADI Open Water Diver is included the rental equipment.

Note 2: the prices for the rental equipment are seen per person and day.

Note 3: further informations of the diving and the courses you can find under diving

Note 4: for the general Terms of Business please click here: AGB